About Us

ITEBS, (International Travel, Education and Business Services) provides consultancy services on studying abroad and international travelling to its clients through its offices and representatives.

ITEBS was established in 2001 and since day one, ITEBS has always been next to its clients and partner educational institutions whenever they need. ITEBS has helped to hundreds of students to make their dreams come true. We are committed to 100% satisfaction of our students and our partner schools. Our staff does not hesitate to go the extra mile to please its clients or partner schools.

Our firm has been partnered with more than 500 educational institutions in 30 countries. It has been maintaining its counseling services in the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada and Austria through its representative agencies. ITEBS provides consultancy services for the following markets to its clients; the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, South Africa, Malta and New Zealand.

ITEBS deals with over two thousand students throughout a year. We are dedicated to understand the expectations of our clients and provide the best option(s) available to them based on their personal future plans and backgrounds (social, educational, and financial statuses). Our consultants are very knowledgeable about the countries where we provide consultancy services for and provide comprehensive services including but not limited to school placement, visa application, health insurance, flight, airport transfer and accommodation arrangements in a professional manner.

Our Difference as ITEBS

Most of our counseling services, such as making application to schools or visa preparation services, are free of charge. This is due to the fact that our services are already compensated by our partner educational institutions that we have signed agreements with.

All of our consultants are experienced with the life and studying in overseas countries and therefore they are able to assist to students concerning their adaptations to the life in countries where they will study. In addition, our consultants periodically receive trainings from the education organizations with credibility such as English UK, British Council, Australian Embassy and ICEF etc.

We also visit our partner schools from time to time and identify the upsides and downsides of the partner schools in order to fully inform our students about these before they start to their studies so that they are aware of what to expect and what not to expect.

ITEBS’ main goal is not maximizing its financial gains when placing a student at an educational institution. Our sole purpose is to achieve client satisfaction by placing them to the most suitable programs/schools/countries where they will be happy to study at.

Visa Application Services

ITEBS continuously monitor the changes in visa regulations for the countries we are servicing. We always keep in touch with the embassies and consulates of these countries in Turkey. We are also subscribed to the newsletters of the educational organizations and governmental agencies providing the last minute updates about visa changes in order to be aware of any changes that may have an impact in the visa application process of our students.

Over the last 19 years, ITEBS has become very knowledgeable and experienced about the visa application processes of each country. As a result of this, our consultants professionally prepare each student about their visa application based on their educational, social and financial backgrounds. This is very crucial to minimize the rejection possibilities of the visa applications of our students. The rejection rate of the visa applications of our students has been very low. We believe that it is probably well below the average rate of the other consultancy firms. We have seen many students, who had received visa applications before coming to our office, receiving visa after receiving our visa application service.

After a visa is issued, we meet with our students before their departure and provide them all the information and contact details that they will need in the country that they will study in.

Our students going abroad are aware that they can always contact us and ask for help or advice for any kinds of matter.

Potential of Turkish Market

With more than 83 million populations, Turkey is the 16th biggest economy in the world. Turkey’s GDP is expected to grow over $750 billion despite the recent economic crisis in the world. GDP per capita is expected to be more than $10,000 per person at the end of 2019. About 1/5 (over 13 million) of the population is between ages 15 and 24. Number of students studying abroad has been increasing every year.

With its mostly young population and strong economy, Turkey is one of the top markets in the world that sends out students to foreign countries for education. According to the Open Doors 2009 data reports on enrollments in academic year 2008/09, number of Turkish students that were enrolled to US schools in 2008 was increased to 13,263, a 10% increase from the previous year, and made Turkey number 8th in the foreign students enrollment list (ranking).

If you do not think of future, you will never have a future. (Henry Ford)

Every year hundreds of students open the doors of abroad education safely and bring light to their career goals.

Our Services:

  • Abroad Summer School Programs
  • Abroad Language Training Programs
  • Abroad High School and University Preparation Programs
  • Abroad Associate Degree and University Programs
  • Abroad Master and MBA Programs
  • Abroad PhD and Masters Programs
  • Abroad Vocational Education; Certificate and Internship Programs
  • Abroad Individual and Group Special Education Programs ( Special programs for Family, Occupation Groups and bureaucrats)

In ITEBS, each process has a separate department and specialist. The specialists of each department follow the developments and innovations in the sector through continuous studies and adapt them to our corporate structure. You can get detailed information from the specialist of the concerned department for your each process.

Our Service Departments:

  1. Customer Recognition – Free Consultation
  2. Program Registration Processes
  3. Visa Follow-up Processes
  4. Overseas Travel, Accommodation and Living Processes
  5. Consulting During Education

All your processes are monitored by online customer monitoring system (CRM program special for our company). After-Service Customer satisfaction has the greatest importance for our company’s growth strategy

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